20 Wedding Memes You’ll Find Funny


Weddings are such a happy event. It’s a great occasion to hear wedding speeches, witness the dancing, and see the people you haven’t seen in forever. It’s also the best time to hear vows, enjoy the free food, and taste the awesome desserts.

Now, although weddings are great, they aren’t always perfect. Here’s our wedding meme collection to show you why.

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Brace Yourself

Till Death Do Us Part

I’ve Gotta Start Training

If You Treat Your Wedding Like Prom

When People Ask

That Moment

Ask Me Again 

I Don’t Know When My Own Wedding Is

Marriage Is Simple

Finishing Wedding Plans

I Want My Dress To Be Understated Classy Chic And Elegant

The Wedding Is Gonna Be 

Wedding Planning Is Fun

You Bought Yourself Something

Don’t Elope They Said

A Bad Time For

Just Called To Say Congrats On Getting Married

Happy Ever After

The Wedding Day Is Coming

When A Wedding Guest

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