20 Sarcastic And Funny Voting Memes That Can Totally Make Your Day


Whether it’s choosing your class president, student body leaders or the president of your country, the power to vote is one of your most important rights. Unfortunately, picking the right person can be a stressful experience. To lighten up your mood, check out today’s collection. Each voting meme in this list is guaranteed to crack you up!

Brace Yourselves Voting Memes Are Coming

Business Cat Knows Voting Is Serious Business

Counting The Paper Ballots?

Forget Memes Remember To Vote

I Fought For Your Right To Do That For A Reason

If Voting Actually Worked 

If You Vote

It’s Voting Day Let’s Do This!!

Look At All These Great Voting Rights I Have

One Does Not Simply Vote 

So Much Power

Things Overheard At The Voting Booths

voting booths meme

U No Vote? Are You Kitten Me?

Voting In This Election

What If I Told You 

What If My Vote Decides The Fate Of This Post

Who Are You Voting For?

Yeah, If You Could Just Get Out And Vote 

Young People Don’t Matter?

Your Vote Counts

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