20 It’s My Birthday Memes To Remind Your Friends


On your special day, it’s only right that you spend it in the best possible way. Whether it’s with your friends or you’re planning on spending it alone, you’d want to make it a blast.

We all want to feel great and special on our birthday. And with that, here is today’s meme collection that will help you say “it’s my birthday”.

My Friends

Stop Scrolling

It’s My Birthday


It’s Kind Of A Big Deal

World Stop

Hold Up


Cake Eatin’ Time

Keep Calm

I’m Not Tellin’

My Birthday

Yeah It’s My Birthday

We Are Gettin Drunk

Where Da Liqour

I Take All Of Dads Money

Bitch Move

Yeah Bro


Feeling Like A King

Remember to send these it’s my birthday memes to all of your family and friends!