30 It’s My Birthday Memes To Remind Your Friends

Real friends can tell each other anything, like reminding them it’s your birthday, for example. That’s right. You can be shameless with your friends all you want because you can be your real self with them.

Here are some funny “It’s my birthday” memes to help your friends remember that your special day is coming up and there’s no way they’re missing it!

My Friends

Stop Scrolling

It’s My Birthday


its my birthday bitch please meme

It’s Kind Of A Big Deal

World Stop

its my birthday world stop meme

Hold Up


Cake Eatin’ Time

Keep Calm

I’m Not Tellin’

My Birthday

Yeah It’s My Birthday

We Are Getting Drunk

its my birthday getting drunk together meme

Where Da Liqour

I Take All Of Dads Money

Bitch Move

Yeah Bro


its my birthday tomorrow meme

Feeling Like A King

Hey Girl

hey girl its my birthday meme

Let’s Have Some Cake

its my birthday bourbon meme

Buy Me A Beer

its my birthday buy me a beer meme

Can’t Wait To See You Guys

its my birthday cant wait to see you guys meme

Haters Gonna Hate

its my birthday haters gonna hate meme

I Don’t Always Wish People Happy Birthday

its my birthday always meme

I’m Controlling My Excitement

its my birthday im controlling my excitement meme


its my birthday omg meme

Yeah Shorty

its my birthday yeah shorty meme

You Know What

its my birthday you know what meme

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