20 Cute And Adorable Uwu Memes

If you’re looking for uwu memes, then you surely know what uwu already means.

Uwu is an emoticon that conveys happines. It’s a happy anime face. Just look at the 3 letters closely. See how it resembles a derpy face?

If you aren’t familiar with emoticons or spending too much time on social media, the meaning will escape you for sure. But now that you know it, we’re sure you can’t unsee it anymore.

Check out all the cute and adorable uwu memes this emoticon has spawned.

All my UwU’s

all uwu meme

UwU Speak

bear uwu meme

Too Wholesome

beautiful uwu meme

Loving Threat

better uwu meme

You’ve Activated My UwU Card

card uwu meme

UwU Pin

cuddle uwu meme

Literally on the Floor

floor uwu meme

The Face of Death

horsemen uwu meme

The UwU Corner

love uwu meme


perfect uwu meme

Pwoper Pwonunciwation

pronounce uwu meme

One of Us

religion uwu meme

The Most Spectacular Person

spectacular uwu meme

UwU Street

How Much I Love You

The Face of Death Pt. 2

You Are UwUrthy

Only UwU

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