35 Cat Birthday Memes That Are Way Too Adorable

If you have a friend or colleague celebrating their birthday and they’re a sucker for cats, then you can’t just send any Hallmark card. The best greeting you can give is a cute cat birthday meme.

Check out this collection of the most adorable (and quirkiest) felines wishing hoomans a Happy Birthday.

I Want To Wish You A Very Happy Birthday

I Made You A Present

cat birthday present meme

Ceiling Cat

Happy Birthday

It’s Your Birthday

Ah Ma Gaaad

cat birthday ah maa gaaad meme

Happy Birthday Yolo

Kick Back Like A Boss

Such A Delecious Cake

cat birthday cake meme

I Just Want The Chilled Beer

cat birthday chilled beer meme

Singing Cat Birthday Meme

cat singing birthday meme

Cake It Up

cat birthday cake it meme

Just Another Year Closer To Being That Crazy Cat Lady

cat birthday another year meme

I Got You A Present

cat birthday litterbox meme

Wish You A Great Day

cat birthday great day meme

It’s Your Birthday

cat its your birthday meme

Have A Purrrrfect Day

I Can’t Hide My Happiness

cat happy birthday mom meme

Happee Burfday

cat birthday happee burfday meme

Happy Bird-Day

cat birthday happy bird day meme

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Now Join The Dark Side

cat birthday join the dark side meme

Happy Birthday This Much

Happy Birthday To An Amazing Person

cat birthday to an amazing person meme

Happy Birthday Yay

Have A Happy Birthday Boss Lady!!

I’m Too Late Sorry But A Happy Birthday Too You

It’s My Birthday Party

cat birthday party meme

It’s Your Birthday I’m Controlling My Excitement


cat birthday how old are you meme

Scuse Me Pleeze

cat birthday scuse me meme

This Cat Has Bread On His Face

cat has bread on his face birthday meme

A Little Bird Told Me It Was Your Birthday

cat birthday bird meme

Happy Birthday

cat birthday mice day meme

Nom Nom Nom

cat birthday nom nom meme

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