20 Funny Skeleton Memes You’ll Be So Happy To See Today

Patience is a virtue. However, there are instances where we feel that waiting too long for something isn’t healthy or fair. If you’ve been asked to wait for a really long time, you’d know how that feels.

And if you are feeling really low and sad about that, don’t worry. We have a really amusing and hilarious collection that can make your day. Go ahead and check out our skeleton meme collection below. Enjoy!

I’ll Be Here Until

I'll be here Skeleton Meme

Installing Windows Updates

Installing window updates Skeleton Memes

I’ts Almost My Turn

Its almost my turn Skeleton Meme

She Said

She said she be in 5 Minutes Skeleton Meme

We’re Gonna Sit Here

Still Waiting

My Ex

Op Will Surely Deliver

When You Are Waiting


Waiting for your call Skeleton Meme

Closely Watching

Waiting For The Perfect Woman

Waiting for a Perfect Woman Skeleton Meme

Waiting For My Kids

Waiting for Kids to Clean their room Skeleton Meme

Women Waiting

Women waiting for the perfect man Skeleton Meme

My Family Waiting

Surely A Response Will Come

Surely response will come Skeleton Meme

I Wonder

I wonder how long theyve been waiting Skeleton Meme

Waiting On Bae

waiting on bae to facetime me Skeleton Meme

Me Working For The Work Day

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