20 Useful Side Eye Memes

The side-eye—the ultimate gaze-avoiding technique when you wanna be called by a teacher or be called out in general. After all, if you can’t see the enemy, they can’t see you! That’s how this works, right? That’s the defensive way to use the side-eye though. Sometimes, people use it offensively by giving the guy who keeps hitting up your girlfriend a deadly gaze. Truly, the side-eye is a flexible weapon to learn and wield.

While Monkey Puppet is the most popular form of this meme, there are ton of other great examples. Keep reading to see other examples we’ve found!

That Look You And Your Friend Give Each Other

side eye bad decisions memes

Everyone In The Gryffindor Common Room

side eye chamber of secrets memes

When You Get Home Late

side eye get home late memes

When Somebody Gets Closer Than 6 Feet

side eye gets closer memes

Go Ahead Girl

side eye go ahead girl memes


side eye hair memes

When You And Your Homie Do Some Dumb Shit

side eye homie memes

How Long Have We Been On Lockdown

side eye lockdown memes

When You Know They’re Lying

side eye lying memes

When Ur Married Master Uses You To Pick Up Chicks

side eye married masters memes

When You Grab The McDonalds

side eye mcdonalds memes

Michelle Obama’s Side Eye Game

side eye michelle obama memes

Side Eye On Fleek

side eye on fleek memes

When You Find Out Your Daily Lifestyle Is Actually Called Quarantine

side eye quarantine memes

When Someone You Don’t Like Sits Next To You

side eye someone you dont like memes

Did You Just Say Unicorns Don’t Exist

side eye unicorns memes

How Did You Get Into USC

side eye usc memes

Said We Were Going To Park

side eye vet memes

Me Making Whale Sounds To Be Funny

side eye whales memes

I Accidentally Woke The Cat

side eye woke the cat memes