20 Really Funny It Hurts Your Wallet Salary Memes

We all work hard, pay taxes and settle our bills. It’s become an exhausting cycle. Why is the pay day taking a long time to come? Why is it that after the payday we seem to have amnesia and do not know what happened to our money? Where did it go? Then you suddenly gain a lot of friends and relatives a day before you get paid. Seems very suspect huh?

But what beats all of those issues is the pleased face of your loved one when you treat them to ice cream or even dinner. All your troubles and worries just seem to melt away.

Why don’t you make yourself comfortable and just look through these salary memes we gathered from around the world?

I Want A Raise

Complains About Low Salary

I’m Just Gonna Sit Here And Wait Patiently

Finally A Job

If You Could Work More

I’m Your Boss

Day After Pay Day

One Does Not Simply Do That

Let’s Just Not

Somersaulting To Poverty

Catch Me If You Can


And Suddenly You Are Alive

Waiting For A Salary

Always Living On The Edge

That Feeling Of Importance

When A Text Seems The Most Amazing Thing To Happen

You Cri

When It’s Time To Call Your Florist

It Was Too Good To Be True

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