20 Ricky Bobby Memes For All the Will Ferrell Fans

In 2006, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby starring Will Ferrell was released in theaters. Knowing Ferrell and his otherwordly comedic talent, it was both a critical and commercial hit. The movie also generated many hysterical scenes and lines that it’d be tragic to just let them linger in our memories. Nuh-uh. In this life, it’s either we choose to do nothing (we could wash the dishes but that doesn’t make you go haha) or choose to collect memes based on movies. Because, you know, we’re not sure what to do with our hands.

Check out these 20 Ricky Bobby memes to lighten up the day’s load.

If You Ain’t First

ricky bobby aint first meme

Dear 7Lb 8 Oz Baby Jesus

ricky bobby baby jesus meme

Dear 8 Pound 6 Ounce Baby Yoda

ricky bobby baby yoda meme

Joke’s On You

ricky bobby bird box challenge meme

Dear God

ricky bobby dear god meme

Dear Lord Baby Jesus

ricky bobby dear lord baby jesus meme

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands

ricky bobby dont know what to do with hands meme

If You Dont Drink Coors

ricky bobby drink coors meme

While Fortnite Servers Are Down

ricky bobby fortnite meme

I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands

ricky bobby hands meme

Driving An Automatic Car After Learning In A Manual

ricky bobby learning manual meme

When I Leave My Phone At Home

ricky bobby leave phone meme

That Awkward Moment

ricky bobby nike meme

The Man Who Gets Up

ricky bobby pisses excellence meme

Politicians Taking Pictures Be Like

ricky bobby politicians meme

Remember Kids

ricky bobby remember kids meme

Roses Are Red

ricky bobby roses are red meme

Thank You

ricky bobby thank you meme

The Face I Make When They Say It Doesn’t Matter If You Win Or Lose

ricky bobby the face i make meme

Winner Win

ricky bobby winners win meme

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