30 Restaurant Memes That Will Make You Nod In Agreement

For some people, working at a restaurant is the best job ever. It’s fast-paced and everyone somehow gets incentives that make them happy. Plus, you get to work with awesome people and eat free food.

The downside? It’s having to deal with annoying and frustrating customers.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, here are the funniest restaurant memes we guarantee you’ll be able to relate to.

At A Restaurant


Customers Be Like

Don’t Be These Assholes

Dozens Of Tables To Choose From

For The Last Time

Has A Gluten Allergy

Hooray It’s The Weekend

I Asked You

If Servers Could Say

I Noticed

I Was Happy Once

Kitchen Staff

Leave Your Station Unstocked

Me Agreeing To An Extra Shift

Hey Could I Get A Cheeseburger

Nobody Spits In Your Food

One Minute To Closing

Other People’s Kids At A Restaurant

That Face I Make

The Guest’s Reaction

The Waitress Smiled At Me

This Is Suspicious

When A Person Walks In

When Cooks And Servers

When I Hear Managers

When Servers Go

When You Go To Take

When Your Manager Asks

When You Go To A Mexican Restaurant

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