20 Relationship Memes That Are Way Too Real


Relationships are exciting. They can make you feel all kinds of emotions. Whether it’s happiness, fear, sadness or jealousy, we’re pretty sure you have your own experience to share.

And because of that, we’re also sure that you’ll find this relationship meme collection relatable. So, go ahead and take your pick!

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All I Know Is The Other One Is Right 

I Don’t Recall

If A Woman Says Do What You Want

I’m In A Long Distance Relationship 

Long Distance Relationship

Movie Time

My Relationship Is Like An iPad 

New Relationship 

No I’m Not Single

Oh Really 

Relationship Goals Or Nah

Relationship Status

Tells You She’s Not Ready For A Relationship

That Foundation Tho

Welcome To A Relationship 

When I Realize I’m Attached To Someone

When I’m In A New Relationship

When She Start Posting Pics With Someone New

When You Tell Him 

When U Had A Bad Day

bad day relationship meme

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