20 Witty Oxford Comma Memes That Highlight The Importance of Punctuations

The Oxford Comma refers to that serial comma used before coordinating conjunctions in a list of things. It’s used in sentences to reduce ambiguity and to make them easier to understand.

Some people consider the Oxford Comma stylistic which means it’s not really required. After all, when you’re firing off a quick text message or tweeting to friends, an Oxford comma just doesn’t seem like a priority.

Still, there are hardcore sticklers to the Oxford comma. Check them out below.

Forgot An Oxford Comma

Hey Girl

Hey Girl

oxford comma hey girl meme

I Don’t Care If It Makes Me An Old Fart

oxford comma i dont care meme

Jane Enjoys Cooking Her Family And Her Dog

oxford comma jane meme

Keep Your Oxford Commas

oxford comma keep meme

Noticed Missing Oxford Comma On Public Poster

The Oxford Comma

oxford comma the meme

Why I Still Use The Oxford Comma

Without Oxford Comma

with wthout oxford comma meme

You Don’t Use The Oxford Comma

I Have Little Trust In People

oxford comma trust issues meme

I Love Cooking

oxford comma i love cooking meme

Hey Girl You Know What’s Sexy

oxford comma sexy meme

Doesn’t Know If He Should Use The Oxford Comma

oxford comma does not know meme

Me While Checking Someone’s Paper

oxford comma evil kermit meme

I Noticed You Don’t Use An Oxford Comma

oxford comma live dangerously meme

One Does Not Simply Omit The Oxford Comma

oxford comma one does not simply meme

You Know What’s Sexy

sexy oxford comma meme

When Someone Doesn’t Use The Oxford Comma

when someone does not use the oxford comma meme
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