20 Witty Migraine Memes To Make You Feel A Lot Better

Migraines happen for a lot of reason. They can be due to your diet, hormones, stress level, sensory stimuli, sleeping habits or other physical factors. Whatever’s causing yours, we can all agree on one thing- migraines are bad. They are painful and can affect your productivity and daily activities.

If you are currently experiencing an episode, then this migraine meme collection can hopefully ease the pain. Scroll down, relax, and just enjoy the memes. Who knows, a good laugh can be all you need to feel better.

Migraine Level

I Don’t Always Have A Migraine

Yeah If You Could

We Hates The Light

Call It A Headache

Distraction Technique

If This Migraine Could Go Away

When I Know

Being Stabbed By Knife

The Head Is Coming Off

Isn’t The Same Thing

Migraine Meds Don’t Take Away The Pain

Brace Yourself

Yes I Have A Migraine

I Know The Name

The Day After

Everything Is Blurry

Change In Weather

Fist And Twisted

Not Sure

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