20 Fake Friends Memes That Are Totally Spot-On


One of the most hurtful things is betrayal of trust. When you realize that one of your friends have been spreading rumors about you and worse, crossed you, that’s the end of it. This will forever be imprinted. So, why stick with them? To release that pain and to get even, here’s a fake friends meme collection that will surely hit them really hard.

After You Graduate Drop All The Fake Friends Like

fake friends graduation meme


Be Careful With 

Fake Ass Friends

Fake Friends Are Like Four Quarters

Fake Friends Be Like

Fake Friends Believe In Rumors

Fake Friends Everywhere

True Friends Always Answer Your Calls

Fake Friends Just Look For A Chance

If They Were Really Your Friends

Fake Friends Be Like

Not Sure If Loneliness

One Good Thing About Being In Bad Situations 

Parents Notice 

So Many Fake Friends Around 

The Moment You Realize Your Friend 

We Ain’t Tight No More 

When You Cut Off Fake Friends

When You Write Down 

You Call Me Your Friend

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