17 Bittersweet New Employee Memes For Office Use

Every once in a while, new employees are introduced into the company and it’s usually one of two things. Either we share what hell on earth the company is or we silently vent at some hiring injustice. If you haven’t experienced this, then good for you and your awesome company.

However, if you want to scare the new blood, choose any new employee meme below. All in good fun, of course!

If You Don’t Come To Meet The New Employee

When A New Employee Ask Me How I Feel Working

Less Than One Year

Meet The New Employee

Me Explaining What It’s Like To Work Here

Me Greeting A New Employee At Work

Me When I See A New Employee So Happy

New Employee During Rush Hour

Show The New Employee Around

That Moment When You Realize 

That One New Employee

When I See A New Hire

How To Make A Good Impression

What’s It Like To Work Here?

Poor Innocents


You’re My New Employee

Share a new employee meme today to ease some of your pain.