75 Happy Friday Memes That’ll Make Your Weekend a Lot Better

After an entire week of hard work, there’s probably nothing better than realizing that it’s Friday. It’s that day of the week when you can finally put all the stress at work behind and just have a good time with family and friends. You can sleep late, grab a drink, or go out to party hard.

To celebrate with you, here’s our happy Friday meme collection. It’s guaranteed to make you feel a lot better and more excited for the weekend. Enjoy!

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It’s Friday & I’m Feelin Good

It’s Friday

Happy Friday

I Got 99 Problems

I’m Morgan Freeman

I Smell The Weekend

It’s Friday

Happy Friday


My Happy Friday Face


Put On

Stay Cool




You Cannot

Chill Out

Doin’ The Happy Dance 

Friday Got Me Like

Friday Is My Second Favorite F Word

Friday It’s Kind Of A Big Deal

Heck Yes Its Friday

I Just Remembered 

I Said It’s Friday

It’s Friday Night.

It’s Friday Oh Yeah Man

Leaving On Friday Like 

Okay Another Good Week Done

This Is My It’s Friday Face

We Made It

When It’s Clock Out Time On Friday

When You Realize Its Friday

You Know What Rhymes With Friday

Your Face When it is Friday

Did Somebody Say

It Is Friday

That Moment You Realize It’s Friday

So You’re Telling Me It’s Friday


Tomorrow Is Friday

When You Wake Up

It’s Friday

We Made It

Linda Listen

Aww Yeaaa

It’s Friday

This Is My Friday Face

At Least It’s Friday

Doin’ The Happy Dance

Hands Up If You Love Fridays

Hey Everybody

Hey Everybody Smile

It’s Friday And I’m Out

It’s Friday Bitches 

I’ts Friday Friday

It’s Friday

It’s Friday

Oh Lord Jesus It’s Fridayyyyyyy

Oh Thank You Lawd Jesus 

Stay Strong

Thank God Its Friday

Yay It’s Friday

It’s Friday And Feelin Good So

It’s Friday Beaches

It’s Friday Ladies

It’s Friday Madarfacars

Leaving Work On Friday

Oh My Goodness


That Look On Your Face 

Wing Wing Wing



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