25 Massage Memes For Massage Enthusiasts

If you love massages, we don’t blame you. They’re highly addicting given how they can melt you into a boneless mass of relaxed nerves and happy hormones. Even the tightest muscle is no match to a veteran masseur’s skilled and magical hands.

Raise your hand if you ever felt like you’ve metamorphosed into a lazy slug after a brilliant massage. Like, you just want to crawl home and sleep the rest of the year away.

For those who love massages A LOT, here are some funny massage memes for you.

Could A Massage Therapist Also Be Called

Massage Therapist: “How’s The Pressure?”

I Could Use A Massage

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

I Know The Answer!

Ugh I Need A Massage

I Pity The Fool Who Doesn’t Get

I’ve Got That Post-Massage Feeling

Massage By Appointment Only

Not Sure If A Massage Chair

Post-Massage Face And Hair

These Are Knot The Rhomboids

When The Massage Hits Just The Right Spot

My Face When I Get A Back

When Someone Gives You A Back Massage

When You Hear That A New Massage Spot

That Feeling when Your Massage Is Over

You Have To Try To Stand Up

You’ve NEVER Had A Massage?

Guess What Day It Is?

I Need A Back Massage

Monday Again?

There’s An App For That

What Do You Mean You’ve Never Had

You Get A Massage

Now let’s get a massage!