25 I Like You Memes That Will Make Her Blush

Sometimes, it’s incredibly hard to ask a person out. Just the idea of putting yourself out there with the chance of getting rejected is really scary. When you attempt to approach that person, you choke and when you get near them, you fumble.

If you just can’t find the right words to say, why not use memes?

Pick the best I like you meme from our collection and get them interested with a dose of humor. Good luck!

Did I Ever Tell You

i like you did i ever tell meme

Excuse Me Ma’am

i like you excuse me meme

I Fink You Freaky

i like you freaky meme

I Like You A Lottle

I Like You

i like you miss meme

I Like You 

I Like You

I Like You More Than Frogs

i like you meme more than frogs

I Like You So Much 

I Like You Sort Of

i like you meme sort of

I Like You This Much

i like you meme this much

I Really Like Your Face

I Think I Like You

I Think I Might Like You More Than Cookies

Kinda Want

i like you kinda want meme

U Make Me 

When You See A Girl

i like you when you see a girl meme

You I Like You

i like you meme you

You’re Lucky

i like you youre lucky meme

You’re So Beautiful That You’re My Sunrise

I Like You Man

i like you man meme

I Love You This Big

i like you this big meme

I Like You

i like you very much meme

It’s Not That I Don’t Like You

i like you yes meme

You’re Crazy

i like you youre crazy meme

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