20 Happy 50th Birthday Memes That Are Way Too Funny


Reaching 5 decades of life is spectacular but it can also be pretty scary and depressing for a person. To help him remember and cherish all the good things that happened in the past years, pick a happy 50th birthday meme from this list and show your appreciation and love.

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Happy Age Advancement Day I Suppose Congratulations Are In Order?

happy 50th age advancement birthday meme

Happy Birthday I Was Going To Drink Anyway

Happy Birthday You Sexy Beast

Have A Happy Happy Happy Birthday

Have The Time Of Your Life Happy 50th Birthday

Hmm, I Do Say Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Hope It’s Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Good

How Does Facebook Know It’s My Birthday?

I Don’t Feel Over 49 Years And 364 Days!

I Wish You Happy Birthday In Chinese “Yung No Mo”

It’s Nice To Be Young Healthy And Full Of Energy Do You Remember What That Used To Feel Like

Keep It Classy… No Wine From A Box

Looking Fifty Is Great If You’re Sixty

One Does Not Simply Have A 50th Birthday Without A Birthday Meme

Remember Age Gets Better With Wine

Say Happy 50th Birthday One More Time…

The Whole Thing Is A Scam Birthdays Were Created By Hallmark To Sell Cards

To The Nations Best Kept Secret Your True Age

You Know You’re Old When

Your Face When They Tell You The Correct Number Of Candles On Their Birthday Cake

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