30 Hangover Memes That Are Way Too True

Hanging out on a Friday night and drinking ‘til the morning sun comes up sounds very tempting. In fact, it’s probably the exact thing you need after a week of hard work. The massive hangover the next day may make you regret your life choices, though. If you puked your guts out, cursed Johnny Walker, and vowed never to drink again, don’t worry. You’re not the first.

Check out these totally relatable hangover memes that will surely make you laugh.

Did You Go Out Last Night

Drank Last Night

Friday Vs Sunday

I Don’t Abuse Alcohol

I’m Done Partying

Just Going To Get A Couple Beers

Last Hangover You Said You Were Never Drinking Again

Oh God

Oh So You Have A Hangover

What The Hell

hangover what the hell happened memes

When You Been Eating All Day

When You Realize You Drank Too Much

When You’re Hungover

When You Stand Up And The Alcohol Hits You

When You Wake Up After A Heavy Night Of Drinking

 When You Wake Up Hungover AF

When You Wake Up Without A Hangover

Why Is The Sun So Loud

Not Sure If Hungover Or Dying

hangover or dying memes

That Feeling The Day After

hangover feeling memes

When You Wake Up Still Drunk

hangover when you wake up memes

When You Backread All Your Drunk Messages

hangover messages memes

When You Kill A Hangover

hangover kill memes

I Shouldn’t Have Drank That

hangover i should not have drank memes

Brace Yourselves

drunk hangover memes

When U Wake Up And Think You Avoided A Hangover

hangover avoided memes

How Hangover Feel When You’re 25 And Older

hangover feels memes

When You Try To Drink Like You Did In College

hangover old memes

When You’re Hungover AF

hangover start ordering food memes

Feeling When You Woke Up From A Hangover

hangover tattoo memes

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