104 Outrageously Hilarious Birthday Memes


If you’re looking for hilarious birthday memes for your friends and loved ones, you’re in the right place. We have over a hundred funny greetings you can choose from if you want to make the birthday boy or girl laugh this special day.

With our humongous selection, you’re sure to find a special happy birthday meme that fits you and the occasion to a perfect T.

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And Believe Me 

Can’t Find A Funny Birthday Meme 

Happy Age Advancement Day

Happy Birthday 

Happy Birthday Madarfacar

Happy Birthday Now Where’s The Cake

Happy Birthday To A Very “Special” Lady

Happy Birthday You Sexy Beast

I Don’t Always Say Happy Birthday

I Know I Won’t See You

I Know Your Real Age

I Wish You Happy Birthday In Chinese

I’m Morgan Freeman And I’m Wishing You A Happy Birthday

Keep It Classy

Oh Lord Jesus 

Smoochies From Donald

Thank You For Always Being Older Than Me

We’ll Put In A Happy Little Birthday Over Here

Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Happy Birthdays

Your Face When They Tell You 

And I Will Strike Upon You

From Your “Good Friend” 

Happy Birthday Girrllll

Happy Birthday 

Happy Birthday I Was Going To Drink Anyway

May Your Wildest Dreams Come True

You Still Can’t Sit With Us

I Didn’t Know What Else To Get You

I Got You A Birthday Present

I Left My Pregnant Wife A Happy Birthday Card

It’s Your Birthday

Omg It’s Your Birthday!


When People Sing Happy Birthday To You

Who’s A Birthday Girl 

This Is My Happy Birthday Face

Oh Guurl

May You Grow So Old 

OMG It’s Your Birthday

I’ll Just Wish Happy Birthday 2 U

The Rooms Is Getting Hotter

Happy Birthday

Ah Ma Gaaad

I’m Just Hair To Wish You A Happy Birthday

I Brought Richard Simmons Out Of Retirement

Believe Me

From One Superstar To Another

From One Sexy Beast To Another

Happy Birthday Dude

Happy Birthday Baby

I Will Find You


I Hope Your Birthday Is Extra Gingery

We All Want To Wish You A Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Bro

Hope It’s Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Good

Nobody Wishes Happy Birthday Better Than Me

Happy Birthday

I Want Yu

Happy Birthday Okay

Oh It’s Your Birthday

Hello It’s Me

Happy Birthday

Yeah Happy Birthday

Yeee Yeeyee

Hey Girl Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To You

Don’t Just Wish For An Awesome Birthday

Guess What Day It Is

Happy Birthday

Kickback Like A Boss

That Means You’re Not A Zombie Yet

If You Were Jesus

I’m Morgan Freeman

It’s Your Birthday

Oh Dammmmmmmnnmn

Today Is My Birthday

We Don’t Really Know Where This Birthday Party Idea Goes

Write Happy Birthday On Facebook Wall

Yeah Bro Its My Birthday

You’re So Old This Was Your First School Book

Best Birthday Ever

Birthdays Are Good For Your Health

Dat Cake Better Be Vanilla



I Was Going To Make You A Rum Cake For Your Birthday

It’s Your Birthday

Stop Scrolling

To A Funny Girl On Her Birthday

We’ll Put In A Happy Little Birthday Over Here

What Up Hotdawggg

Am I Gonna Wish You Happy Birthday

Don’t Forget To Invite Me

I Got Yew Some Ice Cream

Happy Birthday You Dirty Old Fart

Happy Birthday

Happy New Ye

I Don’t Normally Do This But

It’s Your Birthday

That Smile You Give 

The Number Of Happy Birthday Memes On Your Facebook Wall 

To The Nation’s Best Kept Secret

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