25 Memorable and Funny Anniversary Memes

Looking for funny anniversary memes?

An anniversay is a very important milestone. Whether it’s for a couple, or amongst friends, or years spent at a company, anniversaries need to be remembered and celebrated.

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We have collected 25 of the funniest memes for every type of anniversary. Pick your favorites and send it to your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Make them laugh on this very momentous occasion!

That Face You Make When She Asks For Anniversary Gift

Happy Anniversary

funny anniversary get back to work memes

Happy Anniversary

funny anniversary one more year memes

Happy Anniversary Said Me Never

funny anniversary said me never memes

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

I Know I Wont See You

funny anniversary i know i wont see you memes

I Told Her I Couldn’t Make It For Our One Year Anniversary

funny anniversary couldnt make it memes

It Was Mom and Dad’s Anniversary

It’s My 1 Year Anniversary

funny anniversary 1 year memes

Nobody Wishes You A Happy Anniversary 

Oh Behave

funny anniversary oh behave memes

Omg Babe I Love You 5ever

funny anniversary omg babe memes

People Liked My 5 Year Work Anniversary On LinkedIn

You Mean To Tell Me You Like Working Here

You Forgot Our Anniversary

Happy 3 Week Anniversary

funny anniversary happy memes

Happy Anniversary

And We’ll Just Put A Little Happy Anniversary Right Here

Happy Anniversary To My Husband

funny anniversary excellent taste in women memes

Happy Anniversary Friend

funny anniversary bachelorhood memes

You Have Been Married How Long

funny anniversary married long memes

Happy Anniversary

funny anniversary farts memes

Happy Anniversary

funny anniversary real troopers memes

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