20 Flirty Memes For When You’re Feeling Too Shy

When you’re shy, flirting with someone else can feel pretty awkward. The more you try to talk up someone you don’t know or someone you like, the weirder it gets and the more uncomfortable it becomes. There’s always that ever present anxiety and fear that you’ll be rejected or turned down.

However, shy people can still flirt! All you need to do is find a good way to subtly express your feelings. And today, we have just the right collection for you!

Scroll down to find the best flirty meme you can share today!

Do you have a library card?

Are you a library card Flirty Meme

Are you sitting on an F5 key?

Are you an F5 key Flirty Meme

Do you have 11 protons?

Do you have 11 protons Flirty Meme

My love for you is like a diarrhea

How i flirt Flirty Meme

Love me or go to hell

How normal people flirt Flirty Meme

Sope is not dead

How to flirt 101 Flirty Meme

Are you free tonight?

I heard your single Flirty Meme

I’m keeping my ION you

Hey girl i think we have chemisty Flirty Meme

You are the cutest CUTEcumber

If you are vegetable Flirty Meme

You are the hotkey

If you were a key Flirty Meme

Jikook nation make some noise

Jungkook isn't holding back Flirty Meme

Just tell her “You’re beautiful”

Just tell her Flirty Meme

Two kinds of people

Two types of people Flirty Meme

Hi, I’m single and ready to engage

What's up ladies Flirty Meme

Hey girl, what’s your sine?

What's your sine Flirty Meme

When your crush flirts with you

When your crush sends a message Flirty Meme

No one loves me

You are precious Flirty Meme

You come here often?

You come here often Flirty Meme

So you like sleeping?

You like sleeping Flirty Meme

You are beautiful just like this slice of pizza

You're a beautiful slice of pizza Fllirty Meme

Did one of these memes strike your flirting fancy? A personal favorite of ours is that refreshing F5 key! If any of these memes did, don’t forget to share to your favorites with everyone else on social media!