20 Ed Sheeran Memes With Cat

Ed Sheeran fans, we don’t know if these Ed Sheeran memes will make you laugh or will make you mad.

A lot of Ed Sheeran memes poke harmless fun at his name, where his girlfriend went, his extremely red hair, how young he looks, and even his super fair skin. My personal favorite has to be the cat. If that’s not edited, then that’s absolutely devastating. The cat simply looks like the award-winning singer.

Check out the following Ed Sheeran memes and discover the mystery of where his missing girlfriend went. It’s not deep, Susan.

Can I Copy Your Homework?

Can I Have Another Glass Of Wine

Ed Has No Girlfriend

Ed, She Stayed

Feeling Old Yet?

If Ed Sheeran Was A Cat

I Met Ed Sheeran Today

I Thought It Was A Normal Picture

Promise Me, Tormund

She Saw My Face

So How Old Are You?

Some Friendships Last Forever

Oh, So You’re An Ed Sheeran Fan?

There’s White People And There’s Ed

This Is Them Now

When Someone Unfollows

When The Teacher Says You Can’t

Why Does Ed Sheeran Look Like

Why Ed Has No Girlfriend?

You’re So Funny

Share an Ed Sheeran meme with a fan today. And wasn’t the cat adorable?