20 Hilarious Cinco de Mayo Memes


May is one of the most awaited months in Mexico and the United States to mark the fun-filled holiday called Cinco de Mayo. Full of laughter and cheers, margaritas, tacos and tequilas, this festival marks the victory of the Mexicans against the French.

And to celebrate this precious event, we have collected the funniest Cinco de Mayo memes to add spice and laughter to the occasion.

Brace Yourselves Margaritas Are Coming

Cinco De Mayo? 

Cinco De Mayo Is Juan Big Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo… Is Just St. Patrick’s Day With Tacos And Tequilla

Cinco De Mayos

Cinco De Seis

False It’s A Thursday This Year

Forced To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Against His Will

Happy Cinco De Meow

I Don’t Always Celebrate Holidays But When I Do I Prefer Cinco De Mayo

I’m Drinking So Many Margaritas

It’s The Time Of The Year To Spread Cinco De Mayo

Juan Solo

Look At Me I’m Mexican Now

Me When I Found Out Cinco De Mayo Is On Taco Tuesday

More Like Drinko De Mayo

Not Sure If Reddit Forgot About Cinco De Mayo

Oh. A Cinco De Mayo Party?

Put Mayonnaise In My Sink Call That Cinco De Mayo

Today We Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

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