Top 20 Calm Down Memes Everybody’s Sharing


When you see someone freaking out, it’s only right to tell that person to relax and calm down. If it’s a pissed woman, however, it’s a totally different story.

Nothing you say or do can nullify or invalidate how she’s feeling. In fact, it can only make things worse. If you’ve ever tried telling a woman to calm down, you’ll surely be able to relate to this calm down meme collection.

Tell Me To Calm Down

Everybody Calm Down

Hey Girl

If Everyone Could Just Calm Down

Calm Down Bro 

You Sir 

Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down

One Does Not Simply

Yeah If You Could Just Calm Down

Everyone Just Calm Down And Have A Drink

Lady If You Could Take A Breath

Calm Down Dear


Let Me Explain To You

Calm Down Guys

Did You Just Tell Me

Calm Down You Must

Everybody Calm Down

Calm Down Nigga

Woah Dawg

Don’t Tell Me

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