20 Funniest Happy 21st Birthday Memes

Looking for a funny 21st birthday meme?

Probably the best thing about being 21 is being able to drink– legally. Being 21 is also about transitioning from teenage life to real life where you learn how to adapt to the real world.

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If you know anyone celebrating their 21st birthday, these funny memes will surely crack them up and prep them for what’s coming.

21st Birthday? Challenge Accepted

21st Birthday Time To Legally Read Books

Found This Old Baby Pic Of You! Happy 21st Birthday!

Get 21 Birthday Memes On Your 21st Birthday

Goes Out For 21st Birthday Designated Driver

Happy 21st Birthday Be Cool Don’t Yack

Happy 21st Birthday Now Lets Dance

Hope Your Birthday Will Be As Much Fun As A Kilt In The Breeze

I Can See You’re Enjoying It From The Bushes Outside Your House

I Got You A Six Pack…

If You Remember It Tomorrow… You Did Something Wrong!!

I’ll Have You Know That Last Night Was My 21st Birthday

It’s My 21st Birthday Today So If Everyone Could Just Give Me Some Upvotes

It’s Your 21st Birthday?! Get Otter Here!!!

21st birthday meme otter here

Knows It’s Your 21st Birthday

Make Your Birthday Great Again!

Omggg Happy 21st Birthday Now Can You Buy As Alcohol?

Time To Drink Champagne And Dance On The Table.

Today Your 21st Birthday? Why You No Doctor Yet?

Turn 21 Today I Can Finally Drink Alcohol!

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