20 Relatable Teenager Memes

Some of us breezed through our teenage years but a lot crawled through it like it was the Boston Marathon.

Have you ever asked a teen to get something from the store? Or get them to complete a home project? For sure they would have linked you to a video or site showing a how-to clip on getting something from the comforts of your sofa.

Whether you have a teenager at home or you are the teenager, we feel you. So here are our teenage meme collection to show you that it’s how you look at things that will help you cope through these amazing years.

Brace Yourself

When You’re Dad Is Tony Stark

When Your Daughter’s Date Rings The Bell

I Am So Out Of This House!

My Daughter Is Enough, I Don’t Need Google

I Think Sometimes, She Sees Dead People

Sometimes Math Maybe Not Their Strongest Subject.

When My Daughter Asks Me For Permission

Is That A Teenager Mannequin?

My Daughter Complaining She Doesn’t Know Anyone

So If You’re A Teenager

When Teenager Tired Of Her 14 Years Existence On Earth

We Need To Have Good Wine Though.

Questions Need To Be Asked

When Your Tee

This Ain’t It Dad

When a teenager is a ’00 liner and it doesn’t mean 1900.

I’m Throwing A Party for A Week

Baby Sitting’s Worst Nightmare

May The Force Be With Me

Go ahead and forward these memes to your friends and let them relate to that teenage feeling.