20 Funniest Teacher Memes

Teaching is not an easy profession. Being a second parent, a teacher’s responsibility is to guide a student to a bright future. While that task may seem easy, handling different students year after year is quite challenging and stressful.

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So, to help make you feel better, here’s a collection of funny teacher memes you’ll surely relate to.


Are You Bleeding Or Dying? No? Ok, Sit Down

Can’t Tell If They Were Laughing With Me Or Laughing At Me

Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice

Homework On A Friday?

I Just Answered That Question Less Than A Minute Ago

If You Cut My Class

If You Don’t Study

If You Have A Question Raise Your Hand

Not Sure If Getting Better At Teaching Or Lowering Expectations

Oh, You Don’t Understand?

So No One Showed Up For Rehearsal?!?

Summer Vacation Is Our Reward… 

Taking A Deep Breath

Teachers Be Like 

Teacher’s Face When Students Make Excuse

Welcome To Teaching!

When A Student Comes To School Sick

When You Find Out It’s Your Observation Year

When You Open That Email And There’s One From *That* Parent

You Is Broke. You Is Tired. You Is A Teacher.

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