20 Surprised Memes to Give You Unexpected Happiness

There are different kinds of surprises. For one, there’s the out-of-the-blue surprise where it just happens out of nowhere. Then, there’s the foreshadowed surprise which comes with really subtle hints. There’s also the twist which is somewhat close to a foreshadowed surprise, except that it shifts from the main idea.

Now, although surprises differ, one thing is constant: we feel that sudden excitement whenever we’re surprised. And if you ran out of words to express your excitement and thoughts, here’s a surprised meme collection you’ll find handy. Go ahead and check out the memes below.

I Wasn’t Expecting


When Someone Shares The Memes


I Came Out Of

So Listen I Was Wonderin’

Oh Hell Naw


That Moment When

What The Hell You Doin





Do Not Want

I Prefer Not To Think

OMG It’s Your Birthday

Whaddya Mean


When The Phone Rings In Class

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