20 Funny Don’t Care Memes For When You Don’t Give AF

Training your mind not to care isn’t easy. For most people, it’s not right, too.

However, for your own health and sanity, not caring about what other people are thinking or saying is essential. It’ll give you the chance to be honest with yourself and to listen more to what you’re really thinking. It’ll allow you to remove toxic people who are channeling negativity into your life as well.

If you’re in the middle of learning how not to be highly sensitive, we have just the right don’t care meme collection below. Enjoy!

That Moment When You Decide

The Face You Make

Pretending And Still Pretending

That’s Funny

Losing People

Guess What

Don’t Care Andy Tate

The Face I Make

Who Fucks With Me

One Does Not Care

What You Think About Me

Whatever Is Easier

I Understand

Just Stop Talking

Everything Is Better

I Dont Hate You

Not Sure If

How Do I Put This Gently

I’m Fat Don t  Care Meme

We Don’t Care

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