20 Memes That Short Girls Will Understand


Are you looking for short girl memes?

While being a shorty has a fair share of emabrrassment, there are also some advantages– being cute. And when the struggle is real, here are 20 memes that best describes how it’s like being short. Can you relate?

A Short Girl Dates A Tall Guy And Nobody Bats An Eye

Charming Way To Ask A Short Girl To Prom

Dating Short Girls

Every Tall Boy Requires A Short Girl To Complete Him

Every Tall Girl Needs A Short Best Friend

I Be In The 5ft Area Of The Pool Like

It Is Not Short Girl Appreciation Day

Life Is Short So Are My Legs

Me Standing Next To My Friends

Only Short Girls Understand The Struggle

Short Girl Problems

Short Girl Problems Tall Guy Opportunities

Wait For Me I Have Little Legs

When A Girl Under 5’3″ Gets Angry

When Bae Act Like She Can Square Up With You But She 5 Feet

When Someone Makes Fun Of Me For Being Short

When You Mess With The Wrong Short Girl

When You Need That Extra Foot 

When You’re A Little Short And Chunky

Why Yall Short Girls Fronting

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