20 Liar Memes That Will Have Every Deceiver’s Pants On Fire!


Are you ready for our liar meme collection? Well, you better be.

Everybody lies. Some say it’s human nature while others argue that people do it to protect themselves or their loved ones. No matter what the real reason is, we can all agree on one thing: lying comes with unpleasant consequences.

Now, before you get frustrated and stressed out, take a look at these liar memes and just have a good laugh.

Ha Ha Ha

I’m Not Saying

I Smell

I Wish

Just A Reminder

Just One Of Your Faces

Liar Liar

Liars Everywhere

Look Mittens

That Face You Make

There’s Only One Thing


What If

You Sit On A Throne Of Lies


I Know

That’s A Damn Lie

When A Bitch

When Someone Lies

When You Know

If you know people who are good at lying, share this liar meme collection with them and have a good laugh together!