30 Liar Memes That Will Have Every Deceiver’s Pants On Fire!

Everybody lies be they big lies or little white lies. Still, when people lie to us, it’s still quite upsetting, isn’t it? It’s also not easy to call out a liar especially if they’re family, your colleague, or even a close friend.

Well, you can do it in a backhanded way now. Share any of these liar memes on your social media and they might just get that you’re shading them. And, everybody gets a laugh. Win-win.

Ha Ha Ha

I’m Not Saying

liar im not saying meme

I Smell

I Wish

liar i wish you werent meme

Just A Reminder

liar just a reminder meme

Just One Of Your Faces

Liar Liar

liar house on fire meme

Liars Everywhere

liar liars meme

Look Mittens

That Face You Make

liar that face you make meme

There’s Only One Thing I Hate More

liar i hate more meme


liar well meme

What If I Told You

liar what if i told you meme

You Sit On A Throne Of Lies


I Know U Are Lying

liar i know meme

That’s A Damn Lie

When A Bitch Is Lying

When Someone Lies To Your Face

liar when someone lies meme

When You Know The Real Story

liar real story meme

They Say They’re A Bad Liar

bad liar meme

Ohh Your Accusing Me

liar accusing meme

Hey I Just Met You

liar crazy meme

Just Stop

liar just stop meme

When You Know They Be Lying

liar keep listening meme

Liar Liar

liar pantsuit is on fire meme

Are You Calling Me A Liar

liar truther meme

The Only Thing That Pisses Me Off

liar who gets mad meme

Why Do You Lie

liar why do you lie meme

Let’s Play A Game

spot the liar meme

We hope you don’t need these liar memes too much!