20 Relatable KDrama Memes For Korean Drama Fans

Who doesn’t love an angsty kdrama? All of us have gone through that kdrama marathon just to see the end to our favorite Korean series, eyebags be damned!

Fangirling over the tsundere Kdrama leading men and the independent and funny leading women are just part and parcel of being a kdrama fan. Every kdrama fan understands that you just need to finish that one episode and forget that it’s  Sunday night. And of course, it goes without saying we communicate with the rest of the fandom in meme language.

So here are some really funny kdrama memes for your collection, because we got you.

Made with Angels’ Breath

When You’re Having A Bad Day

Let Me Live

Can You Put Subtitles To What You’re Saying

Talks About KDrama Every Chance I Get

Questions That Matter

We’re Friends, Let’s Stop At That

Challenge of Watching KDramas

Just One Episode Turned Into 3AM

I Should Have Known

What Am I Supposed To Do Now?

I’m Crying Because I Don’t Know What’s Going On

No One Understands. I Am Alone In This.

Big Mistake

You Know Better Than To Ask That

Guilty As Charged Your Honor

It’s Because Of Those Subtitles

I Am Not To Blame

I Have Ascended To Heaven

You Didn’t Just Say That

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