20 Heartbroken Memes to Cheer You Up

Having a broken heart can be so intense that you’ll feel physical pain. It can make you cry, scream, and feel depressed for days. It can even affect the way you live your life.

Like most of your problems and challenges in life, your broken heart will heal and all the pain will eventually subside. It can take time but you’ll feel better soon.

Here are some hilarious heartbroken memes that will help you realize that you can rise above this, too.

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A Heartbreak Is A Heartbreak No Matter The Age

heartbroken heartbreak meme

Have You Ever Been So Heart Broken

heartbroken selfies meme

I Don’t Believe

I Was The Photographer

heartbroken photographer meme

Me Preparing To Get My Heart Broken

My Love Life Be Like

heartbroken love life meme

Not Sure If Empty Feeling Is Heartbroken

heartbroken empty feeling meme

Oh So You’re So Heartbroken

heartbroken oh so meme

Thank You

heartbroken thank you meme

It’s Not Over Heart

heartbroken get up meme

Heartbroken Woman

I Thought I Was Happy

heartbroken actually meme

When I Speak To A Girl

heartbroken 10 minutes later meme

Me Cleaning Up My Mess

heartbroken cleaning up meme

When You Hyped Your Friend Up To Ask Out Their Crush

heartbroken friend meme

Either You’re Gonna Be My Last Love Or My First Murder

heartbroken last love or first murder meme

You Can’t Get Heartbroken

heartbroken not dating meme

When You Get Your Heartbroken

heartbroken ok meme

When You Have Wasted A Lot Of Time In A Relationship That Didn’t Work Out For Shit

heartbroken wasted a lot of time meme

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