20 Incredibly Funny Birthday Memes


Looking for birthday presents especially for people close to you is quite a difficult task. If you’re running out of creative ideas, why not send them memes? Here’s a collection of funny happy birthday memes that are guaranteed to make their day full of laughter and joy.

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And I Will Strike Upon You

From Your “Good Friend” Happy Birthday

Funny I Won’t See You

Happy Birthday And Believe Me No One Can Wish You A Better Happy Birthday Than Me

Happy Birthday Girrllll!!

Happy Birthday How Do I Put A Dollar Into This Birthday E-card

Happy Birthday I Was Going To Drink Anyway

Happy Birthday May Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Happy Birthday Now Where’s The Cake

Happy Birthday You Sexy Beast

Happy Birthday You Still Can’t Sit With Us

I Didn’t Know What Else To Get You… So Enjoy This!!

I Don’t Always Say Happy Birthday

I Got You A Present You’re Reading It

I Left My Pregnant Wife A Happy Birthday Card

It’s Your Birthday…

Omg It’s Your Birthday!

Smile It’s Your Birthday!

When People Sing Happy Birthday To You

Who’s A Birthday Girl 

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