20 Happy Birthday Cake Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away


Before scrolling down to see really awesome happy birthday cake pictures, there’s something you need to know first.

The people credited for inventing birthday celebrations are the ancient Egyptians. They believed that the day pharaohs were crowned was their day of birth as a god.

Today’s way of celebrating birthdays, however, is believed to have originated from the German’s Kinderfeste.

In this tradition, a kid celebrating his birthday would receive a cake with lit candles. An extra candle was offered, representing the light of life. The child or anyone in the family wasn’t allowed to eat the cake until after they’re done with dinner.

At the right moment, the child would be asked to make a wish and blow out every single candle in just one breath before digging in. The kid wasn’t allowed to share his wish with anyone to make sure it would come true.

Now that we’re done reviewing history, check out these amazing happy birthday cake pictures you’ll surely find inspiring.

Beautiful & Creative Birthday Cakes

Cactus Cake with Sparkler Candle

birthday cactus cake

Image Credit: Casey Murphy

Rustic Strawberry Cake

birthday rustic cake

Image Credit: Jasmine Bartel

Gentleman’s Cake

birthday gentleman cake

Image Credit: Instagram

Fondant Swan Cake with Peonies

birthday swan cake

Image Credit: Atlanta

Gravity Defying Strawberry and Milk Cake

birthday gravity defying cake

Image Credit: Recreoviral

Chocolate Construction Themed Cake

birthday construction cake

Image Credit: Edgar Okioga

Pink Roses Cake with Candles

birthday roses cake

Image Credit: Pexels

Dinosaur Island Cake

birthday dinosaur cake

Image Credit: Ivenoven

Fault Line Themed Cake

birthday fault line cake

Image Credit: Amourducake

Floral Flamingo Cake

birthday flamingo cake

Image Credit: Pinterest

Floral Kitty Cake

birthday cat cake

Image Credit: Instagram

M&Ms Chocolate Cake

birthday mm cake

Image Credit: Pratiksha Mohanty

Mermaid with Shells Cake

birthday mermaid cake

Image Credit: Sweet Land Cake

Passion Fruit Cheesecake with Berries

birthday cheese cake

Image Credit: Pexels

Colorful Funfetti Cake

birthday funfetti cake

Image Credit: Annie Spratt

Succulent Plant Cake

birthday succulent cake

Image Credit: BHG

Chocolate Log Cake

birthday log cake

Image Credit: Instagram

Sweet Honeycomb Cake

birthday honeycomb cake

Image Credit: Deavita

Games and Sports Inspired Cake

birthday games cake

Image Credit: Harry Grout

Fresh Strawberry-Topped Drip Cake

birthday strawberry cake

Image Credit: SwapnIl Dwivedi

By going through happy birthday cake pictures, we hope that you were able to get some wonderful ideas for the best birthday cake for your special one!

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