20 Group Text Memes That Are Way Too Real

Stuck in group chat? We have just the perfect group text meme!

Yes, we understand the frustration of receiving minute by minute notifications. Here on Saying Images, we get where you’re coming from. We’ve collected 20 group text memes that describe how it feels being stuck in group chat. Always remember: you are not alone.

Brace Yourself

brace yourself group texts are coming text meme

Everyone Gets A Text

everyone gets a text group meme

For Those Of You 

for those of you who find yourself in a group text and dont reply meme

Gets Put Into A Group Text

gets put into a group text meme

Group Text 

group text gives me forest whitaker eyeball meme

Group Text Me

group text me one more damn time meme

Group Texting

group texting aint nobody got time for that text meme

How I Get When

ow i get when my family adds me to a group text meme

My Reaction When

my reaction when im part of a group text meme

Not Sure If My Phone Is Ringing

not sure if my phone is ringing or im just in a group text meme

Pissed A Bunch Of People

pissed a bunch of people off in a group text today was a good day meme

That Look 

that look when you realize you may have responded to the wrong group text meme

That One Person Who Reads

that person who reads every message in the group text but never responds meme

Welcome To The Group Text

welcome to the group text meme

When People Add You In A Group Chat

when people add you in a group chat and text for hours meme

When You Haven’t Been Reading

when you havent been reading the group chat and you come back to 500 messages text meme

When You Say A Funny Joke

when you say a funny joke in the group text meme

When Your Group Text Is Lit AF

when your group text is lit af meme

When You’re Trying To Catch Up

when youre trying to catch up on all the texts in the group chat text meme

Yeah If You Could Please

yeah if you could please stop this group text meme

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