20 FRIENDS Memes to Take You Back

Is there anybody on this planet who doesn’t love this pack of 6 adorable buddies? The seasons may march on but the FRIENDS series will never grow old. If you ever get tired of the new stuff they’re churning out in Netflix, do yourself a favor and visit an oldie but goodie.

Nothing beats a good time with Ross’s romantic and intellectual side, Rachel’s naivete, Chandler’s humor, Joey’s charm, Monica’s perfectionism, and Phoebe’s happy-go-lucky nature — all ingredients for a very good comedy that’s definitely worth our time.

There’s just too many gut-busting funny moments in this series. Check out these funny FRIENDS memes.

When Your Best Friend

best friends meme

Whenever I Get Asked To Do Anything

friends ask to do anything meme

When Someone Opens A Bag Of Chips

friends bag of chips meme

Me Dealing With Life

friends dealing with life meme

My Face When

friends exam meme

When You Think You Did Well In An Exam

friends exams meme

When You Forget What You Wanted

friends forget meme

When Someone Tells You

friends how good they are doing meme

How I Feel Every Day Of My Life

friends how i feel everyday meme

When Your Friend Asks

friends im fine meme

Me When My Life Starts To Fall Apart

friends life starts to fall apart meme

We Are All Mature

friends mature meme

That One Friend

friends one friend meme

When Your Parents Say

friends parents meme

When Your Friends Wants To Go Out Less

friends responsible adult meme

When You And Your Friend

friends same thing same time meme

When You Like Your Own Selfie

friends selfie meme

When The Vacations Are About To End

friends vacations meme

When I Guess Which Family Member Is Coming

unagi friends meme

When My Best Friend Says

watch friends meme

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