50 Don’t Underestimate Quotes to Make You Feel Braver

If you’ve made up your mind to love yourself and be good to yourself, know that part of both is standing up for yourself when you have to. Sometimes, you have to muster up your courage, look people straight in the eye, and send out the message that they absolutely cannot underestimate you.

You are a dazzling star in the sky. You matter. You can do it!

Don’t Underestimate Quotes

Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us. – Wilma Rudolph

Never underestimate the capacity of another human being to have exactly the same shortcomings you have. – Leigh Steinberg

You don’t have to appreciate me – I hope you underestimate me. That way, when I have a good game, it’ll hit you even harder. – Chris Bosh

Don’t underestimate me because I’m quiet quote

Don’t underestimate me because I’m quiet. I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize.

I know who I am and what I am capable of. You’d be wise not to underestimate me.

Be careful how far you push me away, I may end up liking it there.

kim kardashian quote

I love when people underestimate me and then become pleasantly surprised. – Kim Kardashian

It is the enemy you underestimate who kills you. – Robert Jordan

Don’t underestimate yourself. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine. – Les Brown

ilona andrews quote

Your problem is, you underestimate me because I’m a woman. – Ilona Andrews

Don’t underestimate your opponent, but don’t overestimate them, either. – Nancy Pelosi

I never gave up, even when people told me I’d never make it; Never underestimate the heart of a champion. – Kai Greene

wayne dyer quote

Never underestimate your power to change yourself; never overestimate your power to change others. – Wayne Dyer

Never underestimate the power of my intuition. I recognize your game even before you play it.

Never underestimate a man who overestimates himself. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Do not underestimate the power of an enemy, no matter how great or small, to rise against you another day. – Attila the Hun

abdallah II quote

It is always dangerous to underestimate anybody. – Abdallah II

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me. – Al Capone

Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man. – Iain Duncan Smith

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. – Leo Buscaglia

david platt quote

Don’t underestimate what God can do with ordinary people. – David Platt

Golden rule of life: never underestimate your rivals. – Sid Waddell

Never again will I underestimate the greatness inside of me just because of the hate and limited thinking of others. – Steve Maraboli

erin van vuren quote

I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget. – Erin Van Vuren

Don’t you dare underestimate the power of your own instinct. – Barbara Corcoran

Never underestimate the power within you, because you may be the only person in the entire universe to solve a specific problem. – Gift Gugu Mona

m shelley quote

Beware, for I am fearless, and therefore powerful. – M. Shelley

Don’t underestimate your own strength. You were born for a purpose and are blessed with the power to achieve it. – Leon Brown

Smart people underestimate the ordinarity of ordinary people. – Yukihiro Matsumoto

Don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, my kindness for weakness.

It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life. – Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

When people complain of your complexity, they fail to remember that they made fun of your simplicity. – Michael Bassey Johnson

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged quote

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged.

No matter how valuable you are and your ideas, fools will certainly play both of you down, so exclude yourselves from the inflammatory environs of fools. – Michael Bassey Johnson

Don’t belittle anyone who you don’t recognize.

giuseppe zanotti quote

Never underestimate the power of a shoe. – Giuseppe Zanotti

Don’t be fooled by anybody who underrates you. – Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

Don’t underestimate the power of a mind that is made up. – Miya Yamanouchi, Embrace Your Sexual Self: A Practical Guide for Women

Even the nicest people have their limits quote

Even the nicest people have their limits.

Make way for the sweetest humiliation when you underestimate their intelligence while overestimating your knowledge. – Criss Jami

The most dangerous adversary is the one you underestimate. – Ruta Sepetys, The Fountains of Silence

steve maraboli quote

Some people are mad at you because they made the mistake of underestimating you. They threw you under the bus and you survived. – Steve Maraboli

Never underestimate a committed person. – Steven Magee

You underestimate what a human can do when it’s fighting for its life. – K. Weikel, When Dead Men Bleed

wilma rudolph quote

The potential for greatness lives within us all. – Wilma Rudolph

Do not underestimate the ‘power of underestimation’. They can’t stop you, if they don’t see you coming. – Izey Victoria Odiase, 99 Quotes and Affirmations For Self-Love & Personal Development

No good ever comes from underestimating people…Take it from someone who knows. – Stephanie Marie Thornton, A Most Clever Girl

naiyer astif quote

Let people underestimate you. That way they’ll never know for sure what you’re capable of. – Naiyer Astif

He had underestimated me. All along. Even though I had not underestimated him. But, how do you love someone without blinding yourself? Don’t we all have to indulge each other, let our guard down, and -ever so slightly- lower ourselves, in order to love someone? – Hiromi Kawakami, The Ten Loves of Mr. Nishino

Go ahead, underestimate me. You won’t be the first. You won’t be the last. But you will be wrong. – Steve Maraboli