30 Sweet and Funny Chocolate Memes

Chocolate lovers, here’s a sweet treat – chocolate memes!

If you want to add some sweetness to your timeline, just post a funny chocolate meme. Everybody loves chocolate so your friends, family and colleagues should be able to relate.

And if they message back and say you made them crave chocolate, don’t blame it on us! Blame the chocolate!

When Life Gives You Lemons

ask for chocolate memes

You Ate My Chocolate

ate my chocolate memes

Bring Me Chocolate

bring me chocolate memes

Yeah If You Could Bring Me Some More Chocolate

bring me more chocolate memes

My Favorite Meal

chocolate favorite meal memes

Hello Sir

chocolate guy memes

If Chocolate Is The Answer

chocolate is the answer memes

The Only Kisses I Get

chocolate kisses memes

You Are What You Eat

chocolate lab memes

They Say Every Piece Of Chocolate You Eat Shortens Your Life By 2 Minutes

chocolate life expectancy memes

I Have To Lose Weight

chocolate lose weight memes

Chocolate Lover

chocolate lover memes

If You Can’t Remember My Name

chocolate name memes

Why Am I Not Losing Weight

chocolate not losing weight memes


chocolate omg memes

Love This Salad

chocolate salad memes

Save The Earth

chocolate save the earth memes

That Face You Make When You Ate A Bunch Of Food

chocolate the face you make memes

You Don’t Understand I Need Chocolate

chocolate you dont understand memes

Did You Say Chocolate

did you say chocolate memes

Eat All The Chocolate

eat all the chocolate memes

Eating Chocolate Now

eating chocolate memes

Now You Gonna Give A Girl Her Chocolate

give a girl chocolate memes

Did I Hear Someone Say Chocolate

hear someone say chocolate memes

I Don’t Need Love

i need chocolate memes

Like If You Love Chocolate

like if you love chocolate memes

You Don’t Need Chocolate

need chocolate memes

It’s Really Starting To Come Together

needs more chocolate memes

The Heck With The Memes

wheres my chocolate memes

You Ate My Chocolate

you ate my chocolate memes

That was a lot of work. Time for a quick chocolate fix!