34 Hilarious Memes About Being Sick


When you’re feeling under the weather and want to tell your friends about it in a humorous (and dramatic) kind of way, nothing can beat a “feeling sick” meme.

They get the news that you’re not feeling the greatest and everybody gets a good laugh. And that’s important because as they say, laughter is the best medicine.

We’ve picked out 34 of the funniest memes about being sick that are guaranteed to make you feel better.

Browse through the entire collection and while you’re at it– how about a Nyquil and chill? 🙂

1Cough So Hard

2Germs Germs Everywhere

3You Get A Cold

4Being Sick Got Me Like

5I’m Feeling Sick

6Not Sure If Starting To Feel Better

7I Don’t Know Who Got Me Sick

8What If I Never Recover From Being Sick

9I’m Not Sick

10Test Tomorrow

11I Not Go In 2day 

12I Can’t Go Out *Cough* I’m Sick

13One Does Not Simply 

14When I’m Sick I Stop Being Sick

15Entire Family Was Sick 

16Being Sick

17Nyquil On The Rocks

18What Do You So With A Sick Chemist

19No Seeing My Mush Mush

20What Did The Sick Fish Say

21So You’re Telling Me

22If Could Stop Being Sick

23When I Get Sick

24What If I Told You

25When You Find Out A Coworker Is Sick

26With My Blanket

27You See 

28So You Came To The ER With A Slew Of Exaggerated Complaints

29Don’t Email Me About Being Sick

30When You’re Trying To Keep It Together

31That Moment When You’re Sick

32My Boss Can Slack At Work

33I Has A Sick

34I Hate Being Sick