25 Crazy Period Memes for That Time Of The Month


Periods are truly confusing to most men and a challenge to a lot of women. It can sometimes be like a lottery prize or a sword at your back where you keep looking behind to see if you’ve been stabbed. Some women are pros in managing their period. A few just go about it like throwing a crumpled paper in the bin, hit or miss.

No matter how you treat it and value it, it is part of life and is here to stay, unless you’re on menopause. But that is another topic. You either hate it, love it or just let it pass along while scrolling through these funny period memes collection.

Anatomical Representation

Valid Explanation

Expectations vs Reality

That Escalated Quickly

From Peace to Chaos in 3 seconds.

My Uterus is having a moment

It’s not that bad

It’s 4 AM

Menstrual Island

Menstruation Jokes

My Appearance

My Uterus is going through it

Not Pregnant

Bless You

I. Am. Okay.


Meditation Time

When You’re On Your Period

I cry

Period Jokes on Your Period

I’m Alright. It’s cool.

The Hills Are Alive

Ceremonial Offering

Do Not Make Me Laugh

Whaddup Girl?