20 Funny Happy Birthday Memes


Greet a friend, family, or colleague with any of these funny Happy Birthday memes. Post them on the birthday celebrant’s Facebook timeline, Twitter, or social media of choice and let friends have a good laugh too.

After all, laughter is one of the best presents you can gift today.

1Happy Birthday Funny Dog Rottweiler

2Captain Jack Sparrow Meme

3Funniest Happy Birthday Meme Old Lady

4A Little Surprised Dog

5The Number Of Candle On Your Cake

6Obama Meme

7The Rooms Get On Fire

8Funny Drunk

9Cat Meme fro Happy Birthday

10Donald Trump Wild Hair

11Richard Simmons Birthday

12Donald Trump Birthday Memes

13Greeting From Superstar to Another

14Sexy Beast

15Happy Birthday Dude

16Happy Birthday Baby

17Find You to Say Happy Birthday

18If Batman Say Happy Birthday to You

19Funny Kiddie

20Funny Jack Sparrow together with His Friends