20 Funny Bruh Memes You Can’t Get Enough Of


Bruh is a slang term we always here nowadays. Other popular variation of this slang term is “bro” or “brother”. It’s widely used to express frustration or disappointment at something. Online, the term is frequently repeated  through text comments and reaction images mostly on social media like facebook, twitter or even instagram.

One of the most popular bruh meme is that of Washington Wizard’s John Wall who has been immortalized on the internet. The picture is from 2012-2013 NBA Season when he was sitting out the game during an injury while his team was losing to Atlanta Hawks

Are you being serious right now?

Are you being serious right now Bruh Meme

You mean we are keeping the cat?

Are you serious Bruh Meme

Why is the ocean salty ?

Do you think ocean is salty Bruh Meme

I’m sorry the old boy can’t come to phone right now, why? Coz he’s a good boy now

Good boy Bruh Meme

How come we have runny nose ?

How come our nose Bruh Meme

Is it considered a beef?

If vegans don't like each other Bruh Meme

I’m leaving you for a real man

I'm leaving you Bruh Meme

Its all good bruh

Its all good Bruh Meme

Jesus died for your sins too

Jesus died for your sins Bruh Meme

Watching a drama unfold in the GC be like

Kermit frog Buh Meme

He is way ahead of his time

My brother lives in 3018 Bruh Meme

No homo bruh

No gay shit Bruh Meme

Don’t touch my hair

We cool and everything Bruh Meme

We just graduated bruh

We just graduated Bruh Meme

Calm down bruh

When red starts posting Bruh Meme

Can you not bruh?

When someone irritates you Bruh Meme

Bruh i’m trying to be quiet here

When you are trying to be quiet Bruh Meme

Salute to all the hard working parents out there

When your kids say mom Bruh Meme

We can’t leave out the original bruh meme

When you're at work Bruh Meme

You mad bruh?

You mad Bruh Meme