20 Wacky Zoidberg Memes


If you watch Futurama, you’ll surely love this collection of Zoidberg memes!

Looking like a mix of an octopus and a lobster, Doctor John Zoidberg is a funny character. He doesn’t understand human physiology that much but he serves as a doctor. He has this distinct accent and weird pronunciation of the word robot that made him one of the most loved characters in the series.

Now, ready for the memes? Here goes!

My Grades Are Bad

Unappreciated Heroic

Why Always The Fighting


You’re A Bad Commissioner

Why Not

Everyday I’m Scuttlin’

Your Comebacks Are Bad

Need A Hand Job

I’m Happy That Someone Likes Me

Be Happy Be Adequate

No Idea To Vote For This Election

Need A New President

I’m Finally Useful

Presidential Candidate That You Can Trust

Don’t Think That You Are Stupid


Need One Competence

That’s My Joke

When You Tell Your Grandmother

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