20 Youtuber Memes About Clickbait


Hey, what do you watch on YouTube? There’s some excellent documentaries and Ted Talks on there. For exercise time, we run to the HIIT/zumba/yoga channels and get a free workout sans a gym membership.

But do you know what’s another thing that’s fun to watch on YouTube? It’s YouTubers and their shows. Now, there is some excellent content out there. Some YouTubers are living life abroad, eating amazing food, or doing crafts. Some though, well, they have a penchant for putting to work some amazing marketing skills when real life just doesn’t provide that excitement you need to gain views.

Check out these YouTubers with their funny episode titles.

*Book Falls Off Bookshelf*

Can I Call My Mom From Your Phone?

Can You Spare Any Change

Has Literally One Fan-Created Meme

*Hears A Creak In The Kitchen*

Hey Can You Pass Me The Soda

Hey, That’s A Nice Outfit

I Survived The Holocaust

It’s Just A Common Cold

I Was Just Trying To Park

*Loses 3 Subscribers*

My Scary Insane Stalker

Sleazy Meme Weirdo

The Cook Put Too Much Salt

The Store Will Be Closing In 15 Minutes

Walks Past An Air Soft Gun Shooting Range

We Are Experiencing Some Slight Turbulence

Would You Like Some Bread?

You Brought Me Diet Coke

You Spilled Water On Me

While these YouTuber memes are just for fun, have you come across real life shows like these?