You Really Love Him, Don’t You


  • Jalena

    yes i do, i love him with all my heart

  • lainy moyaho

    Yes,but i wish i could just forget him.Its not that easy

  • BrittaneyLovee.

    Yes, <3. But He Doesn't Know. <3. Shh.. (;

  • lupita gonzalez

    ahhhh yessssssssssssss………….. i love my babe!!!!! <3 michael

  • ??????

    HYFR!!!! But he can never know he`s my bff`s cousin an he`s bascily like mine i dont think he could ever view me like that but its like at first we were really just friends then i started getting feelings an then i blobked it now its coming back even stronger than b4 idk what to do but i could never tell him that im crazy about him i love him more than those other girls thats using him an everything since he`s so popular so i just try an avoid talking to him at school limit my contact but when we all are together outside of school i can`t he`s always on my mind an its not just looks because truthfully he`s not my type its just somethin about him that makes me want to be with him forever i could go on forever but all i wanna say is D i luv u an always will