20 Nostalgic YOLO Memes


The phrase “YOLO” was one of the hottest memes of 2012. For those not in the know, YOLO is an acronym for “you only live once” and was used on Twitter often in the form of a hashtag. It’s usually used to excuse certain irresponsible behaviors such as performing dangerous stunts or pranks. While we don’t quite promote the message it sends, we do realize its sheer meme potential. It’s just such a catchy word!

For those of you looking to relive that early 2010s nostalgia, take a look at some of the best YOLO-related memes we could find on the web. There was a whole lot to choose from, that’s for sure.

I Always Wear My Seat Belt

yolo always wear seatbelt meme


yolo avatar meme

Don’t Touch The Infinity Stone

yolo avengers meme

YOLO Swaggins

yolo fellowship of the bling meme

Go Back To My YOLO

yolo go back meme

Harry No Way

yolo harry meme


yolo homework meme

Say YOLO Again

yolo i dare you meme

YOLO Obviously Stands For You Obviously Love Oreos

yolo love oreos meme

Don’t Touch The Boat

yolo nemo meme

No Sideburns

yolo no sideburns meme

One Does Not Simply

yolo one does not simply meme

Party Then Study They Said

yolo party then study meme


yolo spongebob meme


yolo swag meme

Wait Frodo Baggins

yolo swaggins meme

You Only Live Once

yolo take care of yourself meme

When In Rome

yolo when in rome meme


yolo yoda meme

You Only Live Once

yolo you only die once meme