25 Yo Dawg Memes

Now this meme is a crucial part of meme history—the Yo Dawg meme. It’s based mainly off of Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, an American hip hop artist, and portrait shots that were taken of him then adding in a specific recursive template. It’s generally considered a Yo Dawg meme when there’s something repetitive in something repetitive, ya dig? Another way of explaining it is if there’s a meme in your meme, and it’s about a meme in your meme!

So dawg, we heard you like Yo Dawg memes, so take some time off and check out some of our favorites below!

Airplane Fuselages

Billy Mays Maize

Driving On Bricks

Heard You Like Jerking

Flying Cars In The Future

Heard You Like Pi

Heard You Like Ships

Like Console MMOs

Raspberry-Filled Raspberries

A Second Metroid Character

So We Put A Hand

You  Like Lightsabers

So We Put A Fork

You Like Tuna Cans

Heard You Like Cats

Heard You Got 99 Problems

Heard You Like Aircraft

You Like Dan Sullivan

You Like Deadpool

You Like Deleting Posts

Heard You Like Guns

Heard You Like Keyboards

Heard You Like Mexican Food

Heard You Like Nintendo WII

Heard You Like Videogames

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